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Tulip Etimo Rose Steel Crochet Hook

Tulip Etimo Rose Steel Crochet Hook

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Tulip Etimo Rose Steel Crochet Hook finely polished tip will not snag threads and gives a smooth crocheting feel. The longer hook shaft makes it easier for beginners to create consistent stitches.

The Tulip Etimo Rose Steel Crochet Hook crochet hooks are both gorgeous to look at and gorgeous to crochet with. Their distinctive pink, ergonomic soft grip handles are extremely comfortable to crochet with for hours on end, without getting any aches and pains. If you love crochet, these Tulip crochet hooks are well worth the investment.

  • Elegant hook tip in pretty light pink

  • Grip is easy to hold and crocheting is delightful in French pink gradation

  • Yarn needles(thick and thin) and Italian made scissors with our original pink gold plating

  • With an elegant ostrich style case and matching scissors case

  • When closed, this compact case becomes even more stylish with its crystal tassels

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