Hank Winding Service

Love The Yarn? Afraid of the Hanks? Don’t Despair!!!

Hank to cake picture


We are offering a winding service for those hanks that need to be wound into cakes/balls of yarn.
When buying yarn in hanks, you will have to wind them into cakes before you can use the yarns.
While it’s not a difficult task, we know that your time is important, so we’re here to help you.
As soon as your yarn orders arrive at your doorstep, you can use them immediately. No need to wind on your own!
When ordering keep in mind that most orders will not go out the same day as it takes time to wind the skeins.

Can you wind the hanks I brought elsewhere?

Well yes we can, however there will be a cost, you may need to leave your yarn with us and we shall do them (depending how many there are) when we have a quiet moment as we do have to service our customers first and foremost. 
If you want to post the yarn to us you will be required to cover the postage to us and the postage cost for the yarn to be returned to you. 
If you are local contact us to organise a time for you to drop off the yarn. 
Cost: $2.00 per hank 
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