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Tulip Etimo Red Crochet Hook

Tulip Etimo Red Crochet Hook

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Tulip Etimo Red Crochet Hook, The worldwide favorite ETIMO Series brings you ETIMO Red. The matte red tones of the hook tip do not reflect light and are gentle on the eyes. A smooth feel, and cushioned grip are easy on hands to prevent fatigue! Stitches can be easily picked up on dark colors.

The newest member of the world famous Etimo hook range, Tulip bring the innovative Etimo Red series hooks, complete with a vibrant red cushion grip handle. The crochet hook tip are dyed a soft red colour with a beautiful satin look finish, which does not reflect light so it is easy on the eyes in long crochet sessions.

Its' colour will also help to ensure most yarn colours are easy to see as the satin red finish will contrast nicely with the yarn. The Tulip Etimo Red series is a crochet hook for people who know what they are doing.

Available Sizes 1.80mm - 6.50mm

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