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Single Piece Safety Eyes

Single Piece Safety Eyes

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Single Piece Safety Eyes, Bring your creations to life with these black and clear Plastic Eyes.

These eyes are perfect for toy making, plush toys, teddy bears, puppets, dolls and more. Includes washers. ( 2 pairs) There is a clear area surrounding the black

Single Piece Safety Eyes can be used with sewn, crocheted or knitted toys for children over 36 months.These plastic safety eyes are great for different fun crafts. They are useful for dolls, amigurumi, animals and other doll type stuffed creations.

  • Dolls made with these threaded eyes look very bright, because our safety eyes are made through a fine polishing process.

  • Black safety eyes are with threads and eye washers, put plastic safety eyes pass through plastic washers, then they can be tightly bonded to these washers which can prevent the eyes out of the dolls.

  • Inspire your creativity, safety eyes are very suitable for hand-made doll and amigurumi project and toy craft making, perfect for all kinds of stuffed creatures, like plush puppets, teddy bears, dog, stuffed animals, etc.

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