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Shellz Pocket Baggy PDF Pattern

Shellz Pocket Baggy PDF Pattern

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Shellz Pocket Baggy PDF Pattern is finally ready to be released to the general public.
Shellz Pocket Baggy PDF Pattern, For some reason, I started crocheting market bags a few years ago and as I was crocheting the first couple, I was transported back to my childhood carrying my Nana Topsy’s shopping home. It was a good memory apart from the handles on her bag – they were really thin and in real string so they really cut into my hands on the walk home.

Since then, I’ve made a few as gifts, sold a few, each time tweaking the original pattern until I ended up with something I was happy with. Hers had a pocket to fold it into as well – I just don’t remember hers being quite this size but string isn’t the same thickness as 8ply cotton. For now, the tweaking is over, I’ve now used it as a base for a few workshops through Mean Mothers Creations and so the time to release it as a pattern is NOW!

Hope you enjoy and get years of pleasure from your Shellz Pocket Baggy PDF Pattern or Baggies if they become an obsession. Shellz Pocket Baggy is designed by me, Shelley, head hooker at Mean Mothers Creations.

I was taught to knit when I was about 8 by my mum and her mum, Nana Topsy. Dad’s mum, Nana Amy, was our crocheter but didn’t choose to pass her skill onto me so for me, crochet came later when I taught myself from a book (no internet waaaay back then), at the age of about 14 – so it’s about 54 years of hooking off and on.

Now I teach … making sure that knitting, hooking, in fact many crafts are not forgotten and continue to have a life going forward.

Shellz Pocket Baggy PDF Pattern Important Information

Instructions in US terminology - This is a PDF pattern download only.

• Approximately 3x50g 8ply cotton (345m) or 200g 10ply cotton. Bag can also be made in 4ply cotton but will give you a smaller bag.
• Relevant size hook – I’ve used a 3.75mm, 5mm and 5.5mm for the 8ply version and 5mm, 5.75mm
and 6mm for the 10ply. Smaller hooks will be needed if using 4 ply. Alternatively, you can use the
one size for your entire baggy. I’ve used various sizes just to help with the closeness of the mesh so the smaller things don’t fall out the bottom holes.
• Stitch markers
• Button or you can make your own

GAUGE/TENSION: Not important for this project

ABBREVIATIONS (US terminology)
ch chain
slst slip stitch
dc double crochet
sc single crochet
chsp chain space
sp space
sk skip
sts stitches
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