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Shelley Husband

Nimue Crochet Blanket Book By Shelley Husband

Nimue Crochet Blanket Book By Shelley Husband

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Nimue Crochet Blanket Book By Shelley Husband, Dive into the waters of the Lady of the Lake, sometimes known as Nimue.

Nimue is a recurring character in Arthurian legends. Most commonly, she is the lady of the lake - custodian of Excalibur. She is a seer, a guardian - mysterious and powerful.

Nimue Crochet Blanket Book By Shelley Husband will keep you safe as you work your way from the water lily-like centre to the edges of the lake and beyond. You will encounter challenges as you progress, but there are many tranquil sections to rest between adventures. When those challenges arise, will guide you with her wise counsel.

Come on a crochet quest with me to make the Nimue Crochet Blanket.

Inside you'll find;

  • written pattern in UK & US terms

  • charts - right and left-handed

  • video of all rounds - right-handed and mirrored for the left-handed

  • detailed, round by round help with close up photos

  • a full glossary detailing all stitches and techniques used

  • yarn needs for 4 different samples made in different yarn weights

Nimue will be your guiding light, helping you create a crochet heirloom with ease.

The Nimue Crochet Blanket begins with the Nymph pattern from my Granny Square Patchwork book. This pattern is then extended to become the Avalon centrepiece. Avalon is surrounded by a verge of Caltha squares, before your quest for Nimue is completed.

Skill Level

If you can crochet a granny square, and know the most common stitches and techniques, you have all the skills you need to embark on your Nimue adventure. With the support in the pattern, anyone with basic skills and a willingness to try new things will succeed.
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