Magnetic bag Clasp

Magnetic bag Clasp

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Magnetic bag Clasp, Incredibly strong perfect for any bag

The prongs on the back of this clasp are designed to be pushed through your item, and come complete with washers,

Magnetic bag Clasp Can be used for knitted, crochet, felted, clothing/shoes/bags and backpacks

Complete your crafts or repair your loveable handbags with the Magnetic Handbag Buttons. Fashionable and easy to use, this is a great addition for your next DIY craft project.

Country Of Origin: Made In China.

Composition: Metal Magnet

What are magnetic buttons?

Button magnets are strong, round-shaped magnets that can be used in virtually every industry for multiple purposes, ranging from office whiteboards and home decor to industrial holding applications where high magnetic strength is required.

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