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Knitpro Needle Size ID Tags (10702)

Knitpro Needle Size ID Tags (10702)

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Knitpro Needle Size ID Tags (10702), Useful slip on marker keeps track of needle sizes on the cable when needle tips are removed All markers are marked with metric and US sizes for ease of identification Set of 12 markers: Sizes - 3.50mm (US 4) – 12.00mm (US 17)

Everyone needs a break from a project every now and then, but interchangeable needle sets can make it hard to keep track of the sizes you were using.

Don't leave unidentified projects around - KnitPro's ID Tags give you a little reminder to attach to the knitting itself!

Simply slip one of these tiny tags onto the cable of your project and remove the needle ends with confidence; once you come back to your work, the tag will let you know what size you were using.
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