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Knit Pro

KNIT PRO Trendz tricot hook

KNIT PRO Trendz tricot hook

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KNIT PRO Trendz tricot hook – designed by Crocheters themselves All crochet hooks are hand – crafted by skilled artisans Trendz Acrylic Crochet allows for easy handling of slippery yarns, picking up stitches in a fast and easy manner.

Easy to connect cable with smooth join means easy stitch flow – no snagging Smooth joins to allow for easy and snag-free sliding of yarn Lightweight, smooth, with the right flexibility.

yet exceptionally strong & durable Warm to the touch and gentle in the hand

KNIT PRO Trendz tricot hook is Ideal for beginners Well-priced: Offers great value for money

Trendz acrylic crochet hooks are the ideal crochet tools for crochet beginners as well as experienced crafters. Bright colours, durable material and lots of favorable comments from users, all adds up to popularity among crochet fans.
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