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Hemline Buckle D Rings

Hemline Buckle D Rings

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Hemline Buckle D Rings are ideal for purses, bags, straps and all other garment accessories.

Use metal D-rings to make adjustable ties, belts and straps.

Size: 12mm or 20mm.

Blister pack contains 4 pieces of D-ring buckles.


  • High quality metal D-ring buckles

  • Use metal D-rings to make adjustable ties, belts and straps

  • Ideal for overalls and purses

Adjustable ties, belts, and straps can be made with D Rings.

Ideal for overalls, purses, and other such items.

Hemline haberdashery was founded in Australia in 1987, with a collection of more than 80 popular sewing necessities. Hemline is now one of the world's most well-known and largest haberdashery collections. Hemline today has over 1,000 sewing and craft goods, which are available in eight different languages and sold in a variety of countries.
Hemline haberdashery is entirely owned and operated by Australians, and all Hemline products are assembled and packed in our own factory under our exclusive Five Star Quality Control.

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