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Green Earth Eco Buttons

Green Earth Eco Buttons

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Green Earth Eco Buttons is our line of ecological friendly buttons. These buttons are all made from recycled materials; and every button card tells you what recycled materials were used to create them.

Using recycled materials reduces the amount of raw materials needed to produce our products. We have six recycled cotton buttons. The recycled cotton buttons are made with 80% recycled cotton fibers.

They come in gray, cream, green, red, taupe and blue. There are four natural fiber button styles. The natural fiber buttons contain 60% vegetable and biodegradable fibers and 30% recycled plastics.

In the natural color we have a small fiber button and a large fiber button. And in the brown we also have a small fiber button and a large fiber button.

Then we have twelve recycled plastic buttons. The recycled plastic buttons contain 60% recycled plastic.

Four of the recycled plastic styles have a very traditional button look. They come in brown marbled, cream with white grid, tan with black grid and a black with white grid.

The eight remaining recycled plastic buttons have a more natural look, with a texture similar to wood or coconut.

There are two button sizes in each colour of this recycled plastic style. They come in rust, green, natural and yellow.

These buttons look great with denim fabrics, khakis, and canvas, but can be used for any of your sewing or crafting projects.
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