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Clover Tracing Wheel (Serrated Edges) - (480/W)

Clover Tracing Wheel (Serrated Edges) - (480/W)

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Clover Tracing Wheel (Serrated Edges) - (480/W), Tracing Wheel (Blunt Edges) is designed for transferring Tracing Paper "Chacopy" (Art. No 434).

Its blunt edges will mark the line without tearing the paper templates or Tracing Paper.

The blunt edges on this Clover Tracing Wheel (Serrated Edges) - (480/W) wheel marks lines without tearing the paper template.

It features a steel wheel and an ABS resin handle with a rubberised grip for added control.

Overall dimensions are 5x5/8 inch. Each package contains one tracing wheel tool. Imported.

Clover Sewing and Quilting Tools-Clover Tracing Wheel Serrated 480/W

Tracing wheel for easy tracing of paper templates. This tracing wheel is for marking directly on fabrics. It is especially suitable for marking thin fabrics.

Tracing Wheels available in three styles

  • Tracing Wheel (Serrated Edge) - Art. No 480/W

  • Tracing Wheel (Blunt Edge) - Art. No 481/W

  • Double Tracing Wheel- Art. No 487/W


  • Wheel: Steel, Polyacetal

  • Handle: ABS Resin, Rubber

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