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Brightly Coloured Tape Measures

Brightly Coloured Tape Measures

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These brightly coloured tape measures are sure to appeal in 5 assorted Colours. Brightly Coloured Tape Measures,These tape measures are sure to appeal in 5 Colours.

One side has inches and the other side has cms

  • INCHES AND CM: This flexible measuring tapes shows inches on one side and millimeters and centimeters on the other!

  • COLORS: Assorted quantities of each colour,

  • EASY TO READ: the measurements on these tape measures are printed in black, making it much easier to read!

  • COMPACT: light weight and tiny- great for carrying in your pocket or purse. Good for body measuring, handcraft, tailoring, and more!

  • PERFECT FOR: seamstress, a crafter, a quilter, knitting, tailor, and more!

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