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Arbee Toy Noses

Arbee Toy Noses

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Arbee Toy Noses Toy Noses for toy making. There are noses for bears dogs and rabbits.Our Toy Eyes and Noses are premium Quality.

Arbee Toy Noses This package includes 10 black plastic dog noses, perfect for toy making, teddy bears, doll making, stuffed animals, puppets, and even cosplay. The noses are made with high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting. Measuring at 21mm, these black dog noses add a realistic touch to any animal or creature that you are creating. With the convenient 10-pack, you will have plenty of noses to work with for your crafting projects. These noses are easy to attach and will provide a professional and polished finish to your creations.

These ten-packs of Arbee Nose "A" Type are ideal for craft projects and teddy bear making, and are available in multiple sizes.

Country Of Origin: Made In China.

Contents:10 pack
Dimensions Available sizes:
20 mm
25 mm
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