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Yarn Project Organiser & Workbook
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Yarn Project Organiser & Workbook

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The Yarn Project Organiser & Workbook is a simple, yet comprehensive approach to organising your knitting and crochet projects and inventory. This book includes 130 tear-out worksheets for knitters, loom knitters and crocheters. It includes project planning sheets with pattern, yarn and tool information to keep you on track with extra graph and note pages. Also, donation, gift and sales logs so you know where your finished projects are going. And inventory sheets so you can see at a glance what needles, hooks and knitting looms you have before you start a project.

This workbook is for the yarn enthusiast with tear-outs to plan and track your projects from start to finish! The Yarn Project Organiser & Workbook is what you have been looking for. 

Table of Contents:

• Project Page sheets
• Project Notes sheet
• Additional Notes sheets
• Project Graph sheets
• Charitable Donation Checklist sheets
• Charitable Donation Log sheets
• Gift Giving List sheets
• Sales Log sheets
• Loom Inventory sheets
• Straight Needle inventory sheets
• Circular Need Inventory sheets
• DPN Inventory sheets
• Crochet Hook Inventory sheets