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The Lizbeth Thread Holder

The Lizbeth Thread Holder

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The Lizbeth Thread Holder keeps your thread clean, neat, and handy!
-Use a ribbon to hang from the wrist, neck or anywhere! (Note: no cord/ribbon included)
-Protect thread from dust, spills, and curious pets
-Internal peg holds thread for easier unwrapping
-Side opening for easy changing of thread – no need to cut the thread from the ball!
-Twist-lock keeps ball of thread in place if dropped
-Includes a FREE sample ball of Lizbeth thread
-Patent Pending

The Lizbeth Thread Holder is made of durable poly carbonate plastic and is approximately 2.5 inches wide by 2.5 inches tall.

Includes instructions for useᅠ

No choice available for thread colour.

Note: consists of 1 ball of thread (various colours) and 1 plastic holder.
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