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Sullivans Latch Hooks (10568)

Sullivans Latch Hooks (10568)

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Sullivans Latch Hooks (10568) Easily create a sew masterpiece with the Latch Hook Tool by using this hook to form a knotted pile. One of the sewing essential for your sewing project anytime. This high quality Latch Hook Tool with it wooden handheld is convenient for hand use.

  • Sullivans Latch Hook is perfect for making small rugs, wall hangings, or pillows!

  • Packaging: Hangsell.

  • Qty: 1 pc.

  • Country Of Origin: Made In China.

Features: This bent/angled latch hook tool has a wooden handle and metal shaft.Ideal for working on canvas and wool projects, such as rugs and cushions.Also be used for repairing runs in chunky knitting.Perfect size and shape to easily and quickly create latch hook projects.Latch hook tool for making handmade rugs, mats, wallhangings, etc.
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