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Sullivans Crochet Cotton Thread

Sullivans Crochet Cotton Thread

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Sullivans Crochet Cotton Thread is 100% cotton Stock standard size 20 crochet, perfect for doilies & tablecloths.

Size 20 crochet thread is a very common size for tatting projects, such as edgings, snowflakes, doilies, ornaments, bookmarks, motifs, jewelry, etc.

Sullivans Crochet Cotton Thread size is also great for: Lace Knitted pieces such as lace edgings, doilies and motifs. Crocheted pieces such as doilies, motifs, jewelry, edgings, coasters, snowflakes, bedspreads, curtains, mini amigurumi, etc. This is a very common size for thread crochet. Other needle art projects such as Needlepoint, Cross-stitch, Embroidery, and Hand Quilting

    • Composition: 100% Cotton

    • Brand: Sullivans

    • Yarn weight: Size 20

    • Size: 20g

    • Length:

    • Recommended knitting needle size: 1.25mm

    • Recommended crochet hook size: 1.25mm

    • Tension/Gauge:

    • Care: Dry Flat, Machine Wash

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