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Scarf, Pins & Rings

Scarf, Pins & Rings - Scarf Pins

Scarf, Pins & Rings - Scarf Pins

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Scarf, Pins & Rings - Scarf Pins, Add some colour & fun to your outfit with a Scarf Pin.

Wear all year round by using EITHER the included ‘wooden pin’ with woollen scarves, or ‘metal pin’ with finer fabric.

We use Judy’s painted artworks, photos & graphics to create the basis of all our items. We print the art/designs onto high grade MDF, then laser cut each item. Each piece is completely unique.

Judy’s painting style means each item is completely unique. It’s common to get amazing brush strokes with colour bursts that give each item richness & depth. The one you receive will be as special & individual as you are.

Every Scarf is looking for its perfect match ?

Scarf Pins are great at holding 2 layers of your scarf together, to keep the scarf from flying away. It’s both decorative & practical. But that’s not all you can do with them. Get creative! You can use our items with shawls, cardigans, hats and jackets.


    • We design each item within a 9x9cm area. Judy & Ric make several prototypes of each design to perfect the sizing until Judy says “Yep, that feels right.”

    • Metal Pin is 9.5cm

    • Wooden Pin 14cm

What’s included

    • 1 x wooden laser cut shape

    • 1 x wooden pin

    • 1 x metal pin

Made in Beechworth, Victoria Australia.
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