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LoRan Needlework Project Cards

LoRan Needlework Project Cards

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LoRan Needlework Project Cards, Organise floss for your project. Each card holds 20 colours and the attached magnetic holder will keep needles handy. Keeping the yarn separated is essential to completing the project without losing any yarn. It helps to separate the yarn before starting the project, to reduce the time and frustration of trying to sort it out every time you work on it.

  • Each package contains 3 cards.

  • Holds fibers for easy identification while keeping threads flat and tangle free.

  • Attached magnetic holder keeps needles handy.

  • Holds up to 2 0 colors with various size holes to accommodate varying colour quantities.

  • Use these handy cards to organise floss for all of your cross stitching projects!

  • This package contains three 11×2.75 inch cards

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