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Knitpro Mindful Knit Blockers

Knitpro Mindful Knit Blockers

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The Knitpro Mindful Knit Blockers are an innovative tool that can make the process of blocking your knitting projects faster and more efficient. The sturdy stainless steel pins make it easy to anchor your knitting in place. This allows you to shape and stretch it to the desired size and shape.

The floral design on each blocker adds a touch of beauty. In addition, the teal gradient effect is not only aesthetically pleasing but also helpful when it comes to blocking unusual shapes.

The teal coloured case that comes with the blockers is a convenient way to keep them organised & also complements the overall design of the Mindful Collection. And because the stainless steel pins are rust-resistant, you can use these blockers for many projects. Overall, the Knitpro Mindful Knit Blockers are a great investment for any knitter looking to streamline their blocking process.
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