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Crochet Patterns Hospital Pack
TMJ Handcrafted Designs

Crochet Patterns Hospital Pack

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If you enjoyed the crochet hospital series, you can buy all the patterns in just this one pack. 

The Pack includes the following patterns

Dr Damian Outfit Crochet Pattern

Nurse Outfit Crochet Pattern

Alaina's Hospital Candy Striper Volunteer Outfit 

Alaina's Hair Cap Crochet Pattern 

Alaina & Dr Damian Doll Body Crochet Pattern


This Pattern, in its entirety or any part of it (including photos), is not to be shared in any form! You are welcome and I encourage you to sell your final product.

I ask that you please give me credit by making mention of the pattern link you used.

Please be sure to follow me on Facebook to stay up to date with all of my
newest pattern releases. And of course, never hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns!

Hope you enjoy these patterns as I did designing them

TMJ Handcrafted Designs

This Pattern does not belong to Mean Mothers Creations.