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Clover .....Split Ring Markers (347)

Clover .....Split Ring Markers (347)

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Clover .....Split Ring Markers (347), # 347 Split ring markers securely lock onto knitted stitches. One-touch action for placement and removal.

Clover .....Split Ring Markers (347) Effective ring stitch markers from Clover that are easy to put in and remove again. They are placed in the Stitches for making entries or withdrawals, or to mark the start or end of the round. Quantity: 24 pcs. in three different colors.

  • 24 pieces/ pack

  • Useful in marking the stitches for increases

  • Decreases and darts in knitting

  • Easy to slip it out of the stitch

  • One-touch action to easily place and remove marker.

  • Suitable for both knitting and crochet.

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