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Clover Point Protectors & Stopper (3140)

Clover Point Protectors & Stopper (3140)

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Clover Point Protectors & Stopper (3140), 3 pairs of knitting needle caps to prevent your stitches from falling off. Cap colours tell you which side of the fabric you are working on. For knitting needle sizes 2.0mm to 6.5mm

use when using a double pointed needle as a single pointed needle. Small and light for comfortable knitting. Color coded with L/R markings making it easy to tell which side of the knitted fabric you are working on. 6 pieces per pack.

The Clover Knitting Needle Point Protectors & Stopper are used for when using a double point needle as a single point knitting needle. These point protectors and stoppers are small and lightweight, making them easy to use. They are color coded orange and green and marked L/R so you know which side of the fibre you were working on when you return to your project.

For knitting needle sizes No 0 (2.0mm)- No. 10 1/2 (6.5mm)
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