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Cap Sease

Cap Sease - Knitter's Know How

Cap Sease - Knitter's Know How

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Cap Sease - Knitter's Know How, Baffled by buttonholes? Perplexed by pockets? Stumped by seams?

Cap Sease - Knitter's Know How will help you start and finish like a professional. Learn different ways to join balls of yarn or weave in ends, make buttonholes for the look you want, insert a zipper easily, discover ways to seam knitted pieces together and much more.

Find essential nuggets of knitting know-how that are rarely covered in your favourite patterns, here in one handy volume. Get the answers to all your finishing questions, before you even pick up your needles, in this essential reference guide.

Techniques are clearly demonstrated with close-up photos and easy-to-follow illustrations. Ideal for all skill levels.
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