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Birch Row Counters (10816)

Birch Row Counters (10816)

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Birch Row Counters (10816) row counter is perfect for counting rows and counting stitch pattern repetitions, or for counting increases or decreases of the number of stitches in consecutive rows. A great help through every project.

Many knitters know this and have faced it - losing track of a row you are knitting. Life happens—the phone rings, we get talking or must put our knitting needles down and when you are back you have lost the count of the rows. Counting your rows can be daunting and confusing - especially if you have multiple rows. A row counter is the best help but by also learning some simple strategies for identifying your stitches and using the right tools, you will find that counting rows are easy.

How to Use Row counters?

Row counters are the general name for a variety of devices that are used to help keep track of the row you are on in a knitting pattern. Counters are a very useful tool. While simple repeats such as a garter stitch can be worked without a row counter, however, the complex cable and lace patterns as well as many sweaters and shawl patterns cannot be done without some way to track rows. Sizing and shaping often depend on accuracy, and a row counter prevents the need to count a bunch of rows!
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