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Birch Knitting Kit Accessory (006318)

Birch Knitting Kit Accessory (006318)

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Birch Knitting Kit Accessory (006318) The perfect knitting accessory set for all knitters. It has the Essential accessories in a handy compact case. Contains: Jumbo Stitch Markers 35ct Point Protector Set of 4 Stitch holders Set of 3Knit Tally Set of 3

Birch Knitting Kit Accessory (006318) knitting accessory kit is a great pack for beginners. This set includes all the essentials such as 2 x Knit tally, 4 x needle point protectors, 35 stitch markers and 2 x stitch holders. Includes aluminium stitch holders, stitch markers, point protectors and row counters.

Assorted colours in each pack. Colours may vary.
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