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Birch Knitter's Gauges for Knitters

Birch Knitter's Gauges for Knitters

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Birch Knitter's Gauge & Ruler for sizes 2.00 - 10.00mm is made from the durable white matte plastic with easy to read red inscriptions on each side. A handy tool for knitters to quickly identify needle sizes and aid in measuring gauge. Includes inbuilt thread cutter.

For needles size 2.00 - 10.00mm
Handy multi-purpose tool for those who love to knit. To detemine the size of knitting needles where the needle size has been worn, simply insert the needle into each hole in turn until the perfect fit is found. The number next to the hole will tell you the knitting needle size. There is also a ruler and a blade for cutting yarn.

The knitter's gauge includes Metric, Imperial & US knitting needle sizings.
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