Triumph – Folding Scissors


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Triumph – Folding Scissors, Folding Scissors are made from superior quality and can fold down to a 6cm height for compact and safe storage.

If you’re looking for a compact thread trimming tool, these stainless steel Triumph – Folding Scissors are a perfect solution. These scissors are perfect for everyday use.

Country Of Origin: Made In China.

Additional Information:

Clean regularly.
Ensure blades are free of any glue or sticky tape.
To remove glue or tape, wipe with a soft cloth and light oil.
Occasionally, open the scissors fully and apply a small amount of light oil to the pivot joint.
Wipe off any excess.

10cm Folding Scissors – Folds to 6cm

  • Superior quality
  • Folds to 6cm
  • Compact
  • 10cm / 4.5″

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