Sullivans Bamboo Crochet Hook



Sullivans Bamboo Crochet Hook is superior quality Afghan bamboo crochet hooks with dual purpose; they are really nice ones with smooth finish that will not pick your yarn.

Crochet hooks are made of carbonised bamboo to keep longevity.

Sullivans Bamboo Crochet Hooks are suitable for making blankets, hats, towels, gloves, etc. They are useful gifts for beginners, and more.

  • Bamboo Crochet hook
  • Each crochet handle is marked with a size for easy identification, so you’ll never be confused.
  • The crochet tip is delicate and smooth, it won’t snag or split the yarn
  • 15cm length.
  • Available from 3.00mm to 20mm,
  • smooth glide of the hook.
  • A favourite of many Fibre Artists
  • Material: Bamboo

Additional information

Weight 0.006 g

3.00mm x 15cm, 3.50mm x 15cm, 4.00mm x 15cm, 4.50mm x 15cm, 5.00mm x 15cm, 5.50mm x 15cm, 6.00mm x 15cm, 6.50mm x 15cm, 7.00mm x 15cm, 7.50mm x 15cm, 8.00mm x 15cm, 8.50mm x 15cm, 9.00mm x 15cm, 10.00mm x 15cm, 12.00mm x 15cm, 15.00mm x 15cm, 20mm x 15cm


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