Assorted Single Piece Buttons



Assorted Single Piece Buttons, Never run out of buttons again! Large or small, practical or decorative, stock up on buttons online for all your fashion projects.

  • Made out of a smooth resin material, no hard surfaces as well as being waterproof and durable.
  • Easy to handle for any age, child or adult.
  • Flat buttons are also referred to as buttons with visible holes. Generally speaking, they are available in either 2-hole or 4-hole designs in the centre.
  • These buttons are sewn onto the garments through the holes using the sewing threads.
Assorted Single Piece Buttons can be utilised as decorative buttons, sewing, hats/head wear, crafts, scrapbooking and DIY jewellery & necklace ornamentation.
Fashion buttons can be attached using glue, tape, thread, ribbon and much more.

Price is per Single Piece Buttons

Additional information

Weight N/A

21mm – Wood Look, 12mm – Coconut, 15mm Wood, 18mm Wood, 20mm Wood Lock, 20mm Clear Yellow, 20mm Clear, 20mm Clear Purple, 15mm Black Glitter Multi, 15mm White, 15mm Black White, 15mm Pearl White, Clear 15mm, 14mm – Clear, 15mm Cream, 12mm Dark Grey, 18mm Black, 9mm Lemon, 15mm White (19012) 4hole, 15mm Peach (25069), 15mm Red (25087), Black Plastic Button 21mm, Black Plastic 20mm Button, Black Plastic Button 20mm, Black Button 23mm, 20mm Black, Plain Black 20mm, 22mm Black, Plain Black Button 22mm, 23mm Multi Pearl, 15mm White, 18mm Red, 18mm Cream, 20mm Red, 29mm Sweet Pea Lilac, Akoya Shell Button 23mm, 23mm Yellow, 23mm Lime, 20mm Yellow, 23mm Navy Multi, 11mm Lilac, 11mm Cream, 11mm Pink (is a little darker then in pic), 13mm Red, 15mm Cream (19665), 15mm Grey, 8mm Sky, 8mm Red, 8mm Peach, 16mm Yellow, 16mm Jade, 16mm Light Turquoise, 12mm Royal, 12mm Cerise, 14mm Royal, 17mm Gold, 12mm Clear Sky, 16mm Lime, 21mm Black, 29mm Lime, 15mm Navy, 17mm Navy, 16mm Royal, 17mm Royal, 18mm Royal


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