Nikki Tervo Designs Magnetic Needle Nannies.



Nikki Tervo Designs Magnetic Needle Nannies., Keep your needles in a spot where you won’t loose them. You can add anything magnetic to these brooches

Stitching, Quilting and Hand made  Ceramic Buttons are our passion.

Nikki Tervo Designs has a wonderful range of patterns that include quilting, sewing, stitching, patchwork, cross stitch and lots more.

Some of the patterns include beautiful buttons to embellish the projects.

Nikki Tervo Designs Magnetic Needle Nannies are One of a kind

Nikki is committed to maintaining a top customer service and so keeps her business at a level to make sure this happens.  Having now made so many wonderful friends through the customers and the shop owners that she meets and deals with, Nikki is committed to the craft industry. Even today, after painting buttons for the last 18 years, she still loves what she does and this reflects in every button she makes or pattern she designs.


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Gran's Scissors, Big Blue Flower, Red Owl, Lavender Flowers, Blue Flowers, Mint Owl, Red Flowers, Blue Owl, Girl In Red Dress, Blue Flower Piggy


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