Nikki Tervo Designs Ceramic Buttons



A great addition to any project. All are handmade and are made in Australia

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Extra Large Teapot – Left Facing – Green – 56mm x 42mm, Yellow Heart within Heart – 34mm x 31mm, Dark Orange Heart Decorated – 19mm x 19mm, Large Naive Heart Button Dark Yellow – 19mm x 30mm, Lighthouse – 23mm x 41mm, Present – 16mm x 22mm, Large Fat Gingerbread man, Little Reindeer Face – 30mm x 30mm, Modern Sewing Machine – 31mm x 28mm, Floral Rabbit – 30mm x 39mm, Cheeky Cat – 30mm x 20mm, Small Black faced Sheep – 25mm x 20mm, Sheep – White faced – Left facing – 25mm x 21mm, Sheep – White Faced – Right facing – 25mm x 21mm, Laying Cat – 32mm x 27mm, Scary Cat – Right facing – 40mm x 34mm, Scary Cat – Left Facing – 40mm x 34mm, Small Mouse – 31mm x 18mm, Lion – 26mm x 21mm, Smiling Frog – 24mm x 29mm, Bee – 25mm x 24mm, Beehive – 22mm x 22mm, Little Mini Bee – 11mm x 8mm, Mint Butterfly – 32mm x 24mm, Shock faced Owl, Frog face cheeky, I Heart Buttons – 36mm x 12mm, Need & Thread – 24mm x 19mm, Blue Teapot – 39mm x 30mm, Pastal Purple Teddy – 30mm x 33mm, Small Heart Teddy – 26mm x 27mm, Large Plane – 41mm x 42mm, Large Train – Left Facing – Green – 41mm x 24mm, Large Train – Right Facing – Dark Yellow – 41mm x 24mm, Extra Large Yellow Star – 48mm x 48mm


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