Lacis – Jumbo Yarn Ball Winder


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Lacis – Jumbo Yarn Ball Winder,Hand-operated yarn winder for making pull thread balls up to four ounces without requiring any cones or tubes.

Yarn feeder provides an even flow and prevents tangling.  Jumbo Yarn Ball Winder has a large capacity yarn winder for making center-pull balls; winds a 10 ounce ball of yarn (283.49grams estimated).

This package includes one jumbo yarn ball winder: winder body, cone, yarn guide, yarn guide mount, 2 swing arms and instructions. Conveniently clamps on to a table.

Package Dimensions
Width 9.1 in / 23.11 cm
Height 6.75 in / 17.15 cm
Depth 6 in / 15.24 cm


How to assemble and use the Lacis Jumbo Yarn Ball Winder.

Additional information

Weight 784 g


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