Knit Pro Zing FC Needles 6.50mm -12mm



Superior grade light weight metal in a spectrum of vibrant & lively colours. Each size has individual colour for easy selection

Additional information

Weight 9.07 g

6.50mm x 40cm, 7.00mm x 40cm, 8.00mm x 40cm, 6.50mm x 60cm, 7.00mm x 60cm, 8.00mm x 60cm, 9.00mm x 60cm, 10.00mm x 60cm, 12.00mm x 60cm, 6.50mm x 80cm, 7.00mm x 80cm, 8.00mm x 80cm, 9.00mm x 80cm, 10.00mm x 80cm, 12.00mm x 80cm, 6.50mm x 100cm, 7.00mm x 100cm, 8.00mm x 100cm, 9.00mm x 100cm, 10.00mm x 100cm, 12.00mm x 100cm, 6.50mm x 120cm, 7.00mm x 120cm, 8.00mm x 120cm, 9.00mm x 120cm, 10.00mm x 120cm, 12.00mm x 120cm, 6.50mm x 150cm, 7.00mm x 150cm, 8.00mm x 150cm, 9.00mm x 150cm, 10.00mm x 150cm, 12.00mm x 150cm


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