Knit Pro Yarn Cutter (10943)


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Knit Pro Yarn Cutter (10943), Perfect accessory for cutting yarn Small, compact size. Prevents accidental injury safer than scissors and yarn clipper. Convenient to use. Colour as shown only.

  • Decorative yarn cutter which can be worn around the neck whilst knitting.
  • Convenient and comfortable
  • Perfect knitting accessory

For many knitters around the world, the colours of KnitPro are an expression of the joy and delight that they obtain while working on their creations, which are nurtured like babies and symbolise the spirit of joie de vivre. The KnitPro family, including all the persons who make the products, all the store owners who offer the products and the all the distributors, take immense pride in ensuring that the products reach their rightful place, that is in the hand of the knitter, in the most efficient manner. The products are not only made with the best available technology, but also carry the personal touch of the expert craftsmen, who take every care in ensuring that only the finest needles and hooks are present to the knitting world and it’s in habitants

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