Knit Pro Ring Row Counter



Knit Pro Ring Row Counter, Tracking your rows while knitting or crocheting is super fun now with our row counting tools. The superior quality stainless steel “rings” look like jewellery but work a lot harder to perfectly match your needs.

Keep track of your rows in knitting or crochet work with our hypoallergenic stainless steel Knit Pro Ring Row Counter row-counter in black or rainbow finish.

  • Made from high quality Stainless Steel – coated using a special technology
  • Hypoallergenic
  • No need to pick a second accessory – sits right at your finger to track your knitting pattern
  • Available in 6 most popular sizes

How to Use:

  • Ideally to be worn on index finger or thumb
  • Push the required number band towards the center for easy rotation
  • Size 7 (17.3mm – Inner ID)
  • Size 8 (18.2mm – Inner ID)
  • Size 9 (19.0mm – Inner ID)
  • Size 10 (19.8mm – Inner ID)
  • Size 11 (20.6mm – Inner ID)
  • Size 12 (21.4mm – Inner ID)

Additional information


Size 7 Black (Inner ID – 17.3mm), Size 8 Black (Inner ID – 18.2mm), Size 9 Black (Inner ID 19mm), Size 10 Black (Inner ID – 19.00mm), Size 11 Black (Inner ID – 20.6 mm), Size 12 Black (Inner ID – 21.4mm), Size 7 Rainbow (Inner ID – 17.3mm), Size 8 Rainbow (Inner ID – 18.2mm), Size 9 Rainbow (Inner ID 19mm), Size 10 Rainbow (Inner ID – 19.00mm), Size 11 Rainbow (Inner ID – 20.6mm), Size 12 Rainbow (Inner ID – 21.4mm)


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