DMC Satin Threads



DMC Satin Floss is a shiny radiant thread made from 100% rayon fibers that brings exceptional beauty and sheen to all stitching projects. Satin Floss is the shiniest DMC thread available and it glides easily through fabric. For easier handling, and greater control, try dampening DMC Satin embroidery thread with a moist cloth before you thread your needle. If the thread becomes twisted while you stitch, simply drop your needle and let it unwind.nce

Additional information

Weight 20 g

S909, S931, S943, S964, S991, S211, S310, S326, S371, S352, S367, S3820, S415, S469, S472, S504, S550, S553, S666, S700, S712, S738, S741, S745, S776, S798, S800, S820, S898, S915, S932, S959, S976, S995, S307, S321, S336, S351, S3607, S3685, S414, S434, S471, S501, S5200, S552, S601, S606, S676, S702, S726, S739, S744, S762, S797, S799, S818, S841, S899, S602


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