Darning Mushroom Wooden Mending Tool



Repair instead of throw away!
The darning mushroom would have been an essential tool in an era when women were constantly repairing worn socks.
They are now back in trend because of the people are considering about fast fashion issues, the impact on the environment.
Darning Mushroom Wooden Mending Tool provide a stable surface for repairing and darning socks, knitwear and clothing, giving them a new life 🙂
You can use the end of the stems for darn small places such as gloves, tip of the socks.
It’ll be a great addition to any sewing box, or leave it on the table as an adorable home decoration.

Now it comes with elastic band. You can secure the fabrics with it.

Lightly waxed

Size Diameter approximately 8.5cm
Total length 4.7inches (12cm) These are hand crafted in Brisbane, Australia from locally sourced wood.

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Natural Small, Natural Large, Red Small


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