Crochet Iconic Women by Carla Mitrani


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Crochet Iconic Women by Carla Mitrani, Crochet 15 iconic women who changed the world with this collection of amigurumi crochet patterns.

Whether it’s Greta, Amelia or Malala, this collection of crochet patterns celebrates 15 women who have made an impact on the global stage whether in politics, sport, medicine or education.

Learn more about each of the characters featured in this collection and make unique gifts to inspire and delight all generations.

has 128 pages.

Crochet Iconic Women by Carla Mitrani celebrates the lives of 15 iconic women through out history… The list of women is formidable, including Nobel Prize winners, humanitarians, thought leaders, activists, adventurers, sports stars and more! This book is beautifully put together.

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