Clover Tapered Tailors Awl (486/W)


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Clover Tapered Tailors Awl (486/W), This awl is perfect for punching holes in fabric or leather, pulling out corners, and widening out spaces. This package contains one 4-1/2 inch long awl.

Designed for piercing small holes or craft works.

Clover tapered Tailor’s Awl is very useful in punching holes in leather and fabrics. It is used for anchoring threads for twisting in Japanese Embroidery and for tightening lacing on Slate Frames. It can also be used as a Laying Tool.

Awls available in 3 styles

  • Straight Tailor’s Awl – CV485/W
  • Tapered Tailor’s Awl – CV486/W
  • Curved Tailor’s Awl – CV4880


  • Tip: Steel
  • Handle: ABS Resin
  • Non Slip Tread: Elastomer
  • Cap: Polyethylene


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