Clover Knit Mate (Knitting Accessory Set) 3003


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The Clover Knit Mate (Knitting Accessory Set) 3003 is a set containing basic knitting accessories. The set contains 2x large point protectors, 2x small point protectors, 1 knitting register, 2x Small Double-ended stitch holder, 20x Locking ring markers, 1x Jumbo darning needle, 1x Darning needle, 1x Fibreglass tape measure and 1x Knitting needle gauge.

Basic knitting tools in a compact case

Contents | Materials

  1. Point Protectors | Silicone Rubber
  2. Knitting Register | ABS Resin, Polypropylene
  3. Double-Ended Stitch Holders | Polyurethan, ABS Resin
  4. Lock Ring Markers | Polyacetal
  5. Jumbo Tapestry Needle | Aluminum
  6. Tapestry Needle No. 17 | Steel
  7. Tape Measure-60″/1.5m | Fiber Glass, PVC Resin
  8. Knitting Needle Gauge
  9. Case: Olefin Resin

Additional information

Weight 45.4 g


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