Clover Jumbo Stitch Ring Markers (3108)


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Clover Jumbo Stitch Ring Markers (3108), The round plastic rings in two sizes are slipped onto the needles to mark the beginning and ending of pattern stitches.

Clover Jumbo Stitch Plastic Ring Markers used to mark an increase or decrease of stitches or the beginning / ending of pattern stitches.

For small needle size: 8.0 – 10.0mm 10 each; large needles size: 12.75 – 19.0 mm 10 each. 20 each in a package.

  • Large for needle sizes 12.75 -19m
  • Small for needle sizes 8 -10mm.
  • 10 small and 10 large rings per pack.
  • Increasing and decreasing of garment.
  • Small and large ring markers
  • Helps to keep track of your loops

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Weight 90.7 g


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