Clover Gold Eye Chenille Needles No. 24 (234/24)


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These Clover Gold Eye Chenille Needles No. 24 (234/24) needles have a gold-eye plating with a unique elliptical design for easy threading. The needle’s hardness was obtained through high temperature treatment, making the needles hard to break or bend. 6 needles per pack. Size: 0.76 x 37.0mm

Sew with style! These short with very large eyes are used for stitching coarse material with thick yarn and ribbon. This package includes six needles with a gold eye.

Gold Eye Chenille Needles are available in sizes 18, 20, 22 and 24. There are 6 Needles per pack.

  • Size 18 (1.24 x 48.5mm)
  • Size 20 (1.07 x 45.5mm)
  • Size. 22 (0.89 x 40.0mm)
  • Size. 24 (0.76 x 37.0mm)

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Weight 22.9 g


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