Clover Gold Eye Black and Gold Applique/Sharps (4971)


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Clover Gold Eye Black and Gold Applique/Sharps (4971), Our new Black Gold Hand Sewing Needles are the finest and most exquisite needles ever.

The needle is 30% less resistant to friction than conventional hand sewing needles.

 The needle is polished along the axis and coated with ultra-fine black plating for rust resistance. 

Experience amazing softness with every use. These needles are durable, superior and very smooth, wherever and whatever the application.

  • 6 needles per pack
  • 30% less friction; very soft
  • Ultra-thin black plating for corrosion resistance
  • black with gold eye
  • Sconce/Sharp Objects #10
  • Professional-type polished needles with special black plating
  • Outstanding rust resistance
  • Bend-resistant, break-resistant shaft

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