Clover Cable Stitch Holder (330)


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Clover Cable Stitch Holder (330), Standard stitch holder for smooth knitting. 3 each in a package (one each large, medium and small.)

For Aran patterns and other cross stitches.
Aran sweaters with many cable and cross stitches, and Fair Isle sweaters with braids using two yarns are excellent in both design and heat-retention.
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Clover Cable Stitch Holder (330) Cable Stitch Holders:
Standard type for smooth knitting.
Content: Large, Medium, Small 1 each.

Cable Stitch Holders (U-Shaped):
Designed to hold stitches at the U-shaped area. For regular size yarns.

Jumbo Cable Stitch Holder Set “U”:
Cable Stitch Holder for ultra thick yarns.
U-shaped design prevents stitches from dropping.
Small: 8 – 10 mm
Large: 10 – 15 mm

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Weight 50 g


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