Clover Amour Crochet Individual Hooks (Sizes 2mm-6mm)



The incredibly smooth hook allows yarn to slide effortlessly. Amour Crochet Hooks have signature handles in vibrant colors
for easy size identification. The crochet hook handle is made from elastomer rubber, making crocheting comfortable and stress free.

Sizes and colour available 
2.00MM – Green 
2.25MM – Light Green 
2.50MM – Yellow 
3.00MM – Red 
3.50MM – Hot Pink
4.00MM – Purple (As seen in pic) 
4.50MM – Light Blue 
5.00MM – Blue
5.50MM – Dark Green
6.00MM – Brown

Additional information

Weight 18.1 g

2.00mm, 2.25mm, 2.50mm, 2.75mm, 3.00 mm, 3.25mm, 3.50mm, 3.75mm, 4.00mm, 4.50mm, 5.00mm, 5.50mm, 6.00mm


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