Chiaogoo Flexible Hook



Chiaogoo Flexible Hook, Tunisian hooks are made just like our fixed bamboo circulars. They have fantastic joins and pliable, clear, nylon cables with a nickel-plated, copper join that is crimped to guarantee no separation. Hook swivels freely on cable. Size is permanently laser imprinted on each hook.

ChiaoGoo Flexible hooks are perfect for the longer Tunisian Projects in your queue.  Flexible Hook, are made using Chinese  Bamboo, one of the strongest and largest bamboo species of the world.  Tunisian Hooks Patina have an 80cm-long cable. They are lightweight and have a perfectly tapered hook with a precisely placed hold. Various sizes available

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24' (60cm)- 4mm, 24' (60cm)- 5mm, 24' (60cm)-5.5mm, 24'(60cm)- 6.00mm, 24' (60cm)- 6.5mm, 24' (60cm)- 9mm, 24' (60cm)- 15.75mm, 32' (80cm) – 5.00mm, 32' (80cm) -5.5mm, 32' (80cm) – 6.00mm, 32' (80cm) – 6.5mm, 32' (80cm) – 8.00mm, 32' (80cm) – 9.00mm, 32'(80cm) – 10.00mm, 32'(80cm) -11.5mm


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