Boye Hairpin Lace Kit


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Boye Hairpin Lace Kit Hairpin lace consists of lovely and delicate loops made on a large hairpin-like crochet tool and secured at the center with crochet stitches. Later the strips of hairpin lace are joined to make the finished article.

The tool measures 10×4-1/2 inches and an instructions for use are included on the packaging.

Complete package contents include one hairpin lace tool, one crochet hook, and instructions.

A Hairpin Crochet staple is used to make a type of lace with the two-pronged fork and a crochet hook. Yarn is wound around the prongs of the hairpin to form a series of large loops held together by a row of crochet stitches worked into the center. The strips made are joined with the help of a crochet hook to make shawls and bed covers.

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