Booties DIY shoes – Soles/Insoles



Booties DIY shoes – Soles/Insoles Make your own shoes!

It has never been so easy, so convenient and so stylish! Our numerous instructions will help you to sew, crochet or knit your shoes. You think you can’t do this? That’s not true! It’s not as hard as it seems. We do without glue and complicated techniques. You don’t need any additional tools. Your crochet and knitting needles or sewing machine will do just fine. We crochet with simple and common types of stitches, we even sew less than for other garments. So what are you afraid of? You dare! Let’s get #bottielicious!🙂

  • Pre Punched Edges
  • Flexible and Robust
  • Shoehorn and Heel Cap
  • For Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • Instructions, Material Recommendations and Inspiration at

Contents of the packaging: 1 pair of original Botties® soles and 1 pair of Botties labels.
Insoles (recommended for 95% of our models!) are available separately:
– wool felt insoles
– latex foam insoles (vegan)


The soles are made of flexible plastic (TPU). It is non-toxic, skin-friendly and completely recyclable. In addition, it is so robust and durable that you can reuse your soles MANY TIMES. Create new individual footwear every season – for indoors or outdoors. For the best wearing comfort, we recommend our cozy insoles (sold separately) made of wool felt or latex foam. They are extra thick (10mm) and bed your feet extremely comfortably.

The perforated edge allows direct crocheting or sewing ( see our help videos! ). Various freely available instructions for crocheting, sewing, felting and knitting accompany you on your first attempt at creating your own shoes. And you don’t have to be a cobbler to do that. You have everything you need at home: crochet hooks, knitting needles, sewing machine… just the usual allies. 🙂
You can find more instructions in our lookbooks or in other books .

Wide or narrow feet? The rounded edges of the soles roll out with wider feet, so there are no restrictions to be feared.
The soles are “standard wide”. However, particularly slender feet can also cope well, provided that this is addressed individually when the upper shoe is implemented: as long as the area above the instep fits snugly, every foot finds sufficient support in the self-made shoe.

By the way, you don’t have to be a professional to make a shoe out of it! As a complete beginner, we still recommend that you first familiarize yourself with the chosen handicraft technique. Dare, you can do it too!

Not sure which botties size fits your feet? >>>>>> To the quick size check!



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Adult XS – Latex Foam Insoles, Adult XXS – Latex Foam Insoles, Adult Small – Latex Foam Insoles, Adult Medium – Latex Foam Insoles, Adult Large – Latex Foam Insoles, Adult X Large – Latex Foam Insoles, Kids XXS – Soles, Kids XXS – Latex Foam Insoles, Adult XS – Soles, Kids XS – Soles, Kids XS – Latex Foam Insoles, Kids Small – Soles, Kids Latex Foam Insoles, Kids Medium – Soles, Kids Medium – Latex Foam Insoles, Kids Large – Soles, Kids Large – Latex Foam Insoles, Kids X Large – Soles, Kids X Large – Latex Foam Insoles, Adult XXS – Soles, Adult XXS – Latex Foam Insoles, Adult XS – Soles, Adult XS – Soles, Adult Medium – Soles, Adult Large – Soles, Adult X Large – Soles


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